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Posted 16th June 2023

Product Review: Infeet SK 722LRS

Product Review: Infeet SK 722LRS
Product Review: Infeet SK 722LRS

By Dale Baxter

One of the newest rods added to the Daiwa Infeet range is quickly becoming one of my go-to bream rods, the uber impressive Infeet SK 722LRS.

This rod is packed with cutting-edge technologies and components and once again adds other string to impressive bow that is the ever-expanding Infeet rod range. Let's look at and explore the incredible features of the Infeet SK 722LRS and when combined what makes is such an impressive light tackle rod.

The Tech Sheet

The Infeet SK 722LRS features many of Daiwa best rod and blank technologies, here the standout five:

X45X Full Shield Construction

To achieve the ultimate strength and sensitivity, the SK 722LRS features Daiwa's X45X Full Shield technology. This advanced technology ensures a uniform distribution of carbon fibre throughout the rod, minimizing blank twisting and delivering unrivalled power and sensitivity. It’s 25% more efficient than standard X45. The result? Unmatched accuracy and control with every cast.

HVF Nanoplus

Daiwa refined the iconic HVF blank even further with HVF Nanoplus. This high-density carbon technology enhances the overall strength and responsiveness of the rod while reducing weight. Say goodbye to fatigue during long days on the water and hello to effortless casts and precise lure control.

SK Skeleton Grip

It’s how this line of rods gets its name utilizing the Fuji SK skeleton grip, it’s super lightweight and allows the anglers fingers to touch the blank between the grip for ultimate sensitivity and feel.

AGS Guides

Now, let's talk about the star of the show, the revolutionary Air Guide System (AGS) guides. These cutting-edge guides are constructed using an ultra-light, low-friction carbon material, resulting in an incredibly lightweight rod. But it's not just about weight reduction; the AGS guides also enhance casting distance and accuracy while reducing line tangling and friction. They are designed to deliver unprecedented sensitivity, allowing you to feel even the subtlest of bites.

What’s It For?

The Infeet SK 722LRS is an excellent choice for anglers who enjoy using trebled lures such as crankbaits, jerkbaits, Cranka Crabs and Mussel Vibes. The rod's exceptional sensitivity, thanks to the AGS guides, allows you to feel every subtle vibration and movement of your lure, giving you a better understanding of what's happening beneath the surface.

This heightened sensitivity enhances your ability to detect bites and make quick, precise hook sets, leading to more successful hookups and landed fish. 

When it comes to crankbaiting the Infeet SK 722LRS truly shines. Its precise action and sensitivity allow you to effectively control and manipulate your crankbaits, enabling you to imitate the natural movements of the lure and trigger aggressive strikes. The rod’s length, sensitivity and taper allow for effortless casts, with the AGS guides optimizing casting distance and performance enabling you to be able to cover plenty of water to help increase your chances of crossing paths with fish ready to eat.

In addition to its impressive technologies, the rod offers remarkable versatility, making it the perfect companion for various fishing techniques and lure choices. Whether you prefer using braid or fluorocarbon lines, this rod can handle it all with finesse and precision.

That's a Wrap

In conclusion, the Daiwa Infeet SK 722LRS is a crisp, light ultra-sensitive rod tailor made for light tackle lure anglers. With its X45X Full Shield and HVF Nanoplus technologies, SK grip, and, of course, the revolutionary AGS guides, this rod is a force to be reckoned with on the water. Experience unmatched sensitivity, increased casting distance, and reduced fatigue—all while reeling in those tournament-winning catches. See you out there on the water.




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