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Product Review: Infeet Z

By Chris Dixon

When it comes to picking new rods I can be very fussy, I had a rough idea in my head of what I was looking for to suit my new 2500 Certate.  I wanted something with a bit more length for land-based fishing, and it to be mostly focused on catching large bream in shark bay where 40-50cm yellowfin bream are not uncommon. With this in mind my key things where length for casting, power in the lower section of the rod to stop large bream from busting me off on sharp rocks but still light enough in the tip to cast and work a 2.5” grub lightly weighted along rocky edges.

I decided on the Infeet Z 782LFS to fit my needs. The middle spec of the Infeet series this rod is designed for fishing Cranka Crabs mostly but it seemed to suit what I was after with a 1-4kg rating, and a touch heavier cast weight with up to 10g comfortably. For line I decided to run PE0.8 on my 2500 Certate with 8lb leaders up to 16lb as I started to push it on larger fish and as long as my knots when neat and smooth the guides cast the heavier leaders with ease.

After bringing it home its first use was chasing trout and its first fish was a lovely Brown Trout for WA waters. I then spent most of the next 6 months chasing bream with it as I intended and it’s stopped a best of 47cm. This is where things got interesting for me and once comfortable with the rod, I started wanting to test it on larger fish because of its ample pulling power down low. I soon began throwing larger lures aiming for giant herring and snapper and this rod really stood out. With its soft parabolic bend, it is really good at absorbing lunges and shakes from fish while still having ample pulling power for turning fish with ease. This helped to prevent pulled hooks and to control fish around structure. With small lures and delicate hooks it’s always a worry not to bend or pull them out for me.

After now using this rod for over a year it is a true stand out in my rack, and a rod I find myself reaching for before most others when I’m unsure of the location or species I’m likely to encounter, as I’m confident it can do it all with ease. If looking for a new rod to use for some land-based angling, I certainly wouldn’t look past the Infeet Z 782LFS, it may just surprise you like it has for me, it now gets packed for almost every outing and get used on fish from whiting to snapper and everything in-between.


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