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Product Review- Infeet Z 732LFS

By Joshua Davey

With so many quality rod options available off the shelf these days I sympathise with how difficult it can be to make the correct choice. The announcement of the Infeet rod series was the most excited I have been in a long while for a new rod range, particularly the Z series. The Infeet Z’s promised a high quality, tournament spec rod without the enormous price tag that can be very off putting. Daiwa’s Air Sensor reel seat and titanium Fuji guides were major drawcards for me, with a myriad of available models piquing my interest.

To take a step back, for those that aren’t aware when selecting a rod, the model codes can be very handy to help with your choice. For instance, the 732 represents that this rod is 7 foot 3 inches long and 2 piece. Additionally, the LFS signifies Light action, Fast taper, Spin. I won’t go into more detail as I could write a whole blog on this itself! 

For those that know me and my light tackle fishing, I am a fiend for throwing soft plastics. Particularly over the flats, which is what channelled my attention to the 732LFS. This particular Infeet Z model is part of the ‘Red’ variety, identifying itself as one of the faster tapered rods making it a perfect option for soft plastic fishing. It has a nice soft tip, allowing for the casting of ultra-light soft plastics, however stiffens up quickly. This allows perfect control of your soft plastic, but also more importantly provides the angler with enough sensitivity to feel the hit and have the power to drive the hook home.

When it comes to flats fishing with soft plastics for bream I do favour a slightly longer rod than normal, with a preference for anything over 7ft. I should also add that I have still found the 7’3 to be a manageable length inside the kayak. The rod casts beautifully, which is an important consideration when it comes to covering ground over the flats. I will typically target these areas during high current and have thrown upwards of 1/8th jigheads without a hiccup.

So if you are chasing a new soft plastics rod that boasts high quality features without breaking the bank, I would strongly advocate that you take a look at the 732LFS Infeet Z. You will not be disappointed!

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