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Product Review- Steez Metal Vibe

By Dale Baxter

Fishing in winter for bream and other estuary species can be challenging at the best of times, as the bite tends to be a little tougher with cooler water temps than in the warmer months. But fishing slow and deep can be the key to getting more bites. 

Fishing deep can be hard to do especially if it is in strong currents or tides as by the time your lure reaches where you want it has well and truly past it. Trying to keep it in the strike zone is essential. So the key is to be able to get your lure down to where you want quickly. Metal vibes are a great way to do this and they sink fast and have great action when lifted slowly up off the bottom. You also don’t need to lift them far to impart action on them either.

The Steez range of metal vibes are great for fishing at this time of year. For bream I like the 3.5gm and 5gm models and my preferred colours are olive and black. I find small lift and drop is the best retrieve for these, you will notice the bream even like to pick them up off the bottom if you let them sit for a few seconds. The other advantage of these lures is casting distance allowing you to be able to cover a larger area. You then use a lift and drop retrieve all the way back to you. If fishing in shallow water a slow roll constant retrieve can also prove successful as a different approach.

There are 3 sizes and 4 colours in each, available in 30mm 3.5gms, 39mm 5gms and 42mm 7gms, with colours being, Blue Gill, Sand, Olive and Black and utilising the benefits of UV highlights. I like a fast actioned rod from 7” and upwards on either a 2000 or 2500 size reel. I will usually be using a braid and fluorocarbon leader arrangement as well as I feel it gives you more sensitivity to being able to feel all the bites.

So make sure you have some in your tackle trays for your next outing as now is a great time to target those schooling fish.

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