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Posted 24th November 2023

Product Review: Trout fishing with SilverCreek Dr Minnow

Product Review: Trout fishing with SilverCreek Dr Minnow
Product Review: Trout fishing with SilverCreek Dr Minnow

By Jack Gillespie

The Daiwa SilverCreek Dr Minnow lures have returned in a huge way with three jointed sizes, three solid body sizes (42mm, 50mm, 70mm) and eight great trout catching colours. With this great variety they will be sure to have you catching fish anywhere in the country.

Solid body vs jointed body?

There are many considerations when choosing which style of Dr Minnow, but both have their advantages over the other in certain situations but as a general rule if your lure will be retrieved quickly then the fixed body Dr Minnow is a better option, slow retrieve will be better suited to the jointed models.

If fishing slower moving or open water I will often pick up the jointed model first because it has a wide swimming action, doesn’t require any special technique on retrieve other than a slow roll and has a very natural slow swimming action.

I find the solid body much more suitable in faster flowing water because it can be retrieved quickly with a tight swimming action and the minnow will swim straight regardless of water flow. I will also opt for the solid body minnow when I know there is active fish in the area feeding on bait. In this situation you really need your lure to stand out to grab the fish’s attention and with the solid body minnow you can add short and sharp rips and twitches to your retrieve to draw the fish in.

Size selection

When it comes to down to choosing what size Dr Minnow to tie on it all comes down to the size of the baitfish in the area. Most likely when fishing a small creek, the bait is going to be smaller than inland lakes and coastal rivers where sea running trout will be present. Big fish will still eat a small lure and vice versa it’s just about being able to match the most encountered bait that the trout will be feeding on.

The outfit

Rod, reel, line, and leader selection are all important factors to consider when targeting any species and especially trout fishing because there are many different scenarios. 

When fishing small rivers or creeks where making long casts isn’t necessary, I will always opt for a shorter rod 6’6” and under. Using a shorter rod will help with casting accuracy and give you the ability to make a cast in tight places. The Infeet Z 641LFS and the Presso 602LFS are both great options.

When fishing larger bodies of water getting the most out of your casts is critical and long casts are essential. This is where I will go for a rod over the 7’0” mark. Infeet EX 702LFS, Infeet Z 732LFS and Infeet S 722LRS will all have you covering distance with the DR Minnow and into the fish.

Reel options are endless, but I personally like to stick to the 2000 size for shorter rods and 2500 size for longer rods. The 21 Revelry FC MQ, 21 TD Black MQ and 23 Aird LT all offer great features and excellent value for money.

Braid and leader will also depend on the size of fish in the area. If you know there’s a chance of encountering that larger model fish using 8-10lb braid and leader is a very wise choice. If targeting smaller stream trout then 4-6lb line will be much more suitable.

Considering the amount of casting that you do while trout fishing, I’ll always go to a premium line. J-Braid Expedition makes casting effortless and flows through the guides very smoothly. J-Thread X-Link Fluorocarbon leader offers great knot strength and excellent abrasive resistance which is a must while fishing around those rocks and trees!

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