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REVIEW: Sokkou Knot tool – Darren Weda

For some the task of tying fishing knots is a real struggle, whether it be due to eyesight, fat fingers, technique etc, it can be difficult. In an attempt to make things much easier and quicker for the aforementioned Daiwa have designed and made the Sokkou Knot Tool.

Daiwa Sokkou knot tool specifications
Type Knot Tying Tool
Size 10.5cm
Materials Plastic Handle / Stainless Steel Tube and Hook


Designed for tying a main line to leader knot, Daiwa’s Sokkou is a small and inexpensive tool that can potentially save you a lot of time and effort tying one of the most important knots used whilst fishing.

The tool actually ties a Seaguar knot, a fishing knot that has been around for quite a while and was designed specifically for joining fluorocarbon leader to a mainline, with a very good degree of strength.

It is definitely quicker using the Sokkou tool instead of your hands to tie a similar double uni knot. The finished knot it ties has a very similar knot profile to the double uni, if not a tad slimmer, making it ideal for lure casting where the knot is constantly going through the guides all day.

Sokkou Knot tool 04


As with all Daiwa products, the Sokkou knot tool has been thoroughly thought about and designed well. Its a nice light slimline tool that has a high quality feel yet very basic operation.

The yellow styling is synonymous with Daiwa’s fishing tool range and is easy to find among all your tackle. The handle comes with a provision for a lanyard attachment as well as a small pen style clip, allowing for multitude of storage options.

The business end features a stainless steel spring loaded hook making it fine for both fresh and saltwater use.

Final Thoughts

I still recommend for people to learn to tie knots by hand, as relying on a tool that could potentially break or be lost etc could make your life miserable on an extended trip, or when that trophy fish is in your sights and all you need to do it retie your leader, but I can see the benefit of using a tool like this, especially for anglers with poor vision, arthritic hands or injuries etc.

One downside I found with the Sokkou, was when using it with light leader (6lb and under) hooking the line, pulling it through the loop is ok, but when you try and pull all the excess through using the tool the hook runs along the line causing it to curl, like curling a ribbon for a present etc. This can easily be avoided by keeping the hook open while pulling all the excess line through the loop. Sounds complicated, but trust me its very easy to do, just hard to explain!

While there may be numerous other knots that you want to use to join the leader to mainline, I think for a quick leader retie, or a low light change of leader the Sokkou tool and seaguar knot is a great bulletproof option.

All in all this a great inexpensive tool that will make life a lot easier for a large proportion of anglers, and is well worth a look.

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