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Targeting Jewfish at night using Daiwa J-Braid – Leigh Fleet

Targeting Jewfish at night using small to medium soft plastic lures around heavy structure can be very challenging yet super exciting and requires line that is easy to use, highly visible, and is super strong, round and smooth.

Testing Daiwa’s new J Braid on light to medium setups and I can’t believe just how smooth this braid is. A perfect match, spooling a TD SOL 2508 with a good 150 mts of 10lb J Braid, the lines diameter is only 0.15mm but has a breaking strain of 10lb, this is very strong for a PE .08 line! Light enough to fool a welcome bycatch of chunky Bream yet strong enough to handle large Jewfish. Knots bite down hard and casts are made easily even in windy conditions.

j-Braid Mulloway 02

As winter sets in night is a great time to target these fish. Finding structure and bait working smaller soft plastics through various depths of the water column it’s important that you are able to see and control your line, keeping in close contact with your lure to present it as life like as possible. J Braids new Chartreuse colour gives you the advantage being bright and highly visible against low light and dark conditions.

Fishing heavy structure such as bridges and rock walls requires high abrasion resistance, we had a fish wrap us around a pylon so a quick free spool and to our luck it came back around! Some slight scuffing on the line but it held up fine.

Keeping in mind some of these key elements when you spool your next reel it’s hard to go past a high quality product made in Japan like Daiwa’s new J Braid.

j-Braid Mulloway 03


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