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TD Battler Spinning Rod – Beowolf

By Vicki Lear

The TD Battler Spinning Rod has quickly become my favourite rod in the rack. I will pick it up to go inshore snapper fishing, casting or trolling for yellowbelly and bream/flathead fishing. It has become quite versatile and seems to cope well with whatever jobs I throw at it.

The sensitivity from the AGS guides is unbelievable, you can feel absolutely everything through the rod and that’s the best part I love. It is hard to describe unless you have felt the difference for yourself. It has improved my fishing performance to know end feeling every little thing that your lure is doing.


It is light, I can fish with it all day and reel seat is comfortable in your hands. Those things are all very important to me when you can be fishing up to 8 hours or more a day.

The rod is capable of casting lures between 2-7 grams, great when you are snapper fishing and with the rod rated to 2-4kg you certainly know about it when you are hooked up to a beast.


I also take it to troll for yellowbelly you just have to adjust your leader size so the lure swims at the correct depth and for casting blades for yellowbelly.

Being a 7-foot rod with a light action it also doubles up as a great flats rod when fishing for bream.


I am sure you can find rods particularly designed for each species and method but if your budget limits only let you afford one rod than this would be the pick for me. Priced at approx $498.00 they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for me the AGS guides have made a world of difference on what you are feeling on the other end.

I love the motto for the rod brand – “Cast and Destroy”

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