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The Baitcaster Spool Puzzle – Simon Goldsmith

We can easily be forgiven for thinking that all baitcaster spools are largely the same. In addition to being the holder of a reel’s line the spool also plays an instrumental role in the casting performance and capabilities of the reel.

Spool size, weight, depth, width, and rotor (the rotor is the the bit that sticks out of the end of the spool and works in tandem with the cast control system) design all playing an influencial role in reel function and performance, and as a result are elements of reel that are determined/set when a reel is designed and created to achieve a certain outcome.

A baitcaster designed for ultra finesse (T3 Air), and one designed for heavy duty (Z2020) are two perfect examples of varying styles of baitcasters and the roll the spool plays in a reel’s function and capability.

So with this in mind lets run through some of the different spools that are feature in the expansive Daiwa baitcaster range.

n.b. Please keep in the mind the specs listed for each spool is general in nature, some models may vary slightly in line capacity.

Baitcaster spools 05

100– the deep spool option in the 100 size spool range, the 100 was made famous by the legendary TDZ and the original Zillion. An absolute workhorse and great all-rounder.

Specs- 12lb/110m

103– the first shallow spool option in the 100 sized spool range. Used to delivering outstanding casting performance, and light lure/line suitability on the TDZ, Alphas and Steez.

Specs- 12lb/110m

105– the new kid in the 100 family is even shallower than the 103. Designed for ultra finesse lure applications. A super-light spool with lighting fast spool start up and exceptional rotational balance.

Specs- 10lb/90m

1000– 34mm spool that fits 1000 sized reels such as the T3, Ryoga, and Pluton. Available as an aftermarket RCS spool in both shallow and deep configurations.

Specs- 10lb/70m (RCS SV 1000 shallow), 12lb/80m (RCS SV 1000 deep), 34mm

1012– a shallow, flat bottom version in the 1000 size range reel fits neatly into reels such as the T3. The shallowest of all 1000 sized spools the 1012 features a Magforce Z braking rotor.

Specs- 12lb/100m, 34mm

1016– perhaps the standout spool in the 1000 size range. Delivers outstanding performance in the T3 1016, and an interesting side note can also be retrofitted into a Steez 100/103.

Specs- 16lb/100m, 34mm

1516– introduced in the 2015 TD Zillion the 1516 spool is a step up in size over 1000 spools. Measures 36mm in diametre and flat bottom in design.

Specs- 16lb/100m, 36mm

Baitcaster spools 06

200– 38mm diametre deep spool. Featured on the recently (2014) released Tatula HD. Light, strong, and capable of holding a tonne of line.

Specs- 14lb/180m, 38mm

2014– as the number implies is designed for 14lb line. Flat bottom in design, the 2014 is available in the RCS spool range, and is a great shallow spool retrofit for the Ryoga, Pluton, and Z2020.

Specs- 14lb/100m, 38mm

2020– made famous in the baitcaster superstar the Daiwa Z2020. Designed for big lines and big fish.

Specs- 20lb/100m, 38mm

2025– the newest kid on the 2000 spool block. A gun spool in the Ryoga Bay Jigging 2025. Power and performance just like the Ryoga.

Specs- PE2/250m, 38mm

300– Synomous with super sized baitcasters such as the iconic Black Sheep, Millionaire and more recently the durable entry level Lexa 300H.

Specs- varies

3000– grabbed the limelight with the recent release of the Ryoga Shrapnel. Broad, large and powerful.

Specs- PE5/195m

Baitcaster spools 01

Taking Note

Daiwa’s baitcaster reels and spools also have a few codes and features that inform you of some important design features and configurations. From retrieve ratio to spool performance, there’s a lot to understand and take in. Here’s a rundown on what it all means.

Type R– super tuned for greater performance, and released to world in the legendary TDZ in the 1990s. The Daiwa type R baitcasters were lighter, faster, and tuned for greater casting performance. Featured a modified brake rotor compared to standard spools. Outstanding performance, but could also be a real wild child (especially in the early models) unless in the hands of an experience user.

SV– the new wunderkind of the Daiwa baitcaster spool family is the spool that does it all. Super Versatile (SV) as the name says, the SV spool casts ultralight lures as easily as it handles XOS sized lures.

Air Spool/Air Brake– Daiwa spool and cast control combination that allows feather light lures to be cast with ultimate ease and performance. Made famous on the innovative T3 Air and SS Air, the Air Brake system has also been used on the Alphas SV to deliver outstanding finesse casting capability.

Baitcaster spools 03


L– denotes the reel as a left hand model.

P– stands for low speed. 4.9:1, 5.1:1. & 5.3:1 are some of the low rations that have been used over the years.

H– high speed. 6.3:1 is the standard for Daiwa high speed

SH– super high speed. 7.1:1 is the standard ratio for SH.

XXH– extra, extra high speed. 7.3:1 and higher is deemed XXH these days.

PE– let’s you know that the reel is designed for PE line. The reel usually features a higher speed levelwind to reduce line dig-in on the spool.

So there you have it, a run down on Daiwa’s extensive baitcaster spool family. Broad in design, giving in performance, and ever evolving in their capabilities it’s a group that sets the standard for others to follow, and once again shows Daiwa is the leader in reel design and ingenuity.

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