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The essence of life’s journey stretches beyond the boundaries of work and day-to-day life and is found in the things that feed our soul and engage and nurture our senses. The lure of nature, the draw of the aquatic world, and the attraction and connection with what they have to offer is what fuels us as anglers.

For Daiwa this attraction, this connection with nature is more than just a part of life, it is our life, and for over 60 years we’ve been driven and inspired to create and deliver anglers the most advanced and dynamic fishing gear the world has to offer.

Fishing gear that will allow you to tackle the diverse and expansive fishing this planet has to offer, and provide you with the ultimate angling experience.

Daiwa is born to fish, and built to inspire.


From the moment our first reel rolled off the line in 1958, our mission has been to build the best quality fishing products on the market by engineering the most technological advanced reels available. Our patented technologies have shaped the industry and our products have taken the global angling experience to a new, previously unimaginable level.

Setting a new standard

Since 1958 Daiwa has been breaking new ground in product design, meeting ever-changing market needs. Daiwa has been the first to create many innovative technologies, technologies that have evolved design and angling possibilities.

Daiwa's reel producing technology is considered to be one of the best in the world, and only a few years after Daiwa was founded it soon became the "the reel of choice." Daiwa's development of the "Open-Faced reel" in 1965 was the spark that started the developmental fire.

Unlike a closed-faced reel the spool was located on the outside of the reel, allowing the user to wind more line onto the spool with a faster spin and improved feel. This new reel shape and design concept shocked the world.

Daiwa’s ground breaking designs and technologies continued over the following decades with Real Four, ABS, MagSeal, and Monocoque body all elevating reel design and performance to a new level.

New Materials

In 1979 Daiwa was the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate graphite into reel body and rotor design. Using the densely packed carbon fibres that to date had only been used for fishing rod construction hugely advanced reel design and sent shock waves around the fishing tackle industry.

Daiwa’s most advance carbon fibre technology was unearthed in 2007 with the debut of a new material, Zaion. A new high density carbon fibre material that exceeds metal in many design and performance aspects, Zaion has few peers in reel construction material.

In 2010 Daiwa developed "Z-SVF", its lightest, most high-density carbon fibre ever. Daiwa uses Z-SVF in their rods to create some of the lightest weight rods on the market. Daiwa's carbon fibre technology has been unrivalled in the industry since its inception.

Setting a New Standard "Magsealed"

In 2010, Daiwa introduced the world's most advanced "space engineering" technology into their reels. This game-changing technology was called Magseal. A water and dust-resistant design that enhances reel protection and ensures greater reel longevity, it was through the use of magnetised MAGOIL that this new advanced technology could be achieved, and a new era in reel protection and performance had dawned.

Always Evolving

Daiwa technologists all inherit the company's passion for technological advancement. The passion to evolve, surprise and deliver enjoyment to anglers is what keeps Daiwa's technology evolving now and into the future.


The Mark

Daiwa’s focus on change and evolution was evident in 2009 with the release of its new “D-VEC” logo. Developed with the concept of “Innovative Vectors”, D-VEC was designed with a D shaped motif that represents three key objectives, “Challenge”, “Originality”, and “Innovation”.

Designed with a linear and regular typeface, "D-VEC" also represents Japanese quality, technological precision, and advancements in technology, three elements with one key focus, to share the love and happiness of fishing around the world. The D-VEC logo represents our spirit for a bright future.

Corporate Promise

As a global corporate citizen Daiwa has five key promises
that define who we are and how we behave.


Make it WOW!

We’ve all had “wow” moments in both fishing and life. We will draw on these experiences to produce goods and services that show a real understanding of the angler’s point of view. Our goal is to enable our customers to experience new moments of “wow!” in their lives.


Open our Minds

We will cherish free-thinking and diverse values, and create an open-minded company.


Be Innovative

Using our sensitivity, we will develop innovative ideas that will be embodied in our world-class technology and quality.


Be Earth Friendly

Whenever we undertake anything, we will be environmentally sensitive and always keep in mind that the field for all of our activities is the earth.


Play Fair

We will abide by all rules and regulations, and we will contribute to society through fair and transparent corporate activity.

Feel Alive

The experience of a great moment.

It is the feeling of exhilaration and a sense of excitement through the five senses.

Everything we do is to enable the experience of these great moments.

We will continue to evolve to enrich people’s lives through the world of fishing.

Be Earth Friendly

What we do, how we behave, and the legacy and environment that is inherited by our children is essential to us at DAIWA and our parent company Globeride.