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Alex Bellisimo | Dee Why, Sydney, NSW


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

My favourite techniques, well where do I start? Here is a couple. When spinning for kingfish off the ocean rocks with a whole garfish, or lure, one of the retrieves I use is a medium/fast retrieve, then a dead stop with two or three downward sharp rips of the rod. I then take up the slack and repeat. This technique can be deadly on kings. 

Another type of fishing I like to do is fishing the sudsy white water off the ocean rocks for snapper. A number of species can be caught, including some large-sized reds. Varying your ball sinker weight depending on the current, wind and white water is important, as is using a variety of baits such as squid strips, half pilchards and tuna fillet. Chop them up into small pieces and use them for burley and sit back and watch the fish follow them in.

Angling Inspiration

To be the best I can. To guide my clients the best I can. To master new techniques and just keep learning.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Fishing for bluefish off the rocks at Long Reef. My other locals are Dee Why, Narrabeen and Palm Beaches.

Why I Fish

I fish for a lot of reasons. The connection with friends and family, catching a feed of fish, and the honing of skills to catch that elusive species all drive me to fish. The challenge of catching difficult species in difficult locations also fuels my desire to fish. Fishing also gives me time to reflect, to keep fit, takes me to beautiful locations and adventures, and keeps me humble.


It's been a very long time since I fished comps. I do not fish them anymore as being a full-time fishing guide does not allow me the time to practice, and practicing is something I think is essential to be competitive in tournaments. At the end of the day if you're going to compete you give it 100% or don’t bother.

Favourite Fishing Moment

I have three that are clear in my mind. Many years ago I caught my largest king (26kg) on 18kg mono off the rocks. I nearly lost it when it reefed me up on the rocks several times. Fate was on my side thankfully and I did land it.

Landing a massive 8.4kg snapper on 6kg mono at night off the rocks (by the way not recommended) is another one of my highlights. It was a glassed-out full moon night and I spent at least ten minutes trying to wash it up on the rocks with a wave. It's a night and a fish I'll never forget.

My last fish is a 25kg jewfish I caught off the beach half an hour before dark. While not the largest jewie I've caught the memory of the fish glowing in that afternoon sunset and golden light holds strong in my memory and I think always will.

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