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Brenton Moster | Cairns, QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

My favorite species changes from year to year. Right now, I'm obsessed with saltwater barramundi and threadfin salmon. But I guess my all-time favorite fish to target is the jungle perch. I absolutely love targeting them with walk the dog style surface lures and super light gear. The surface eats in the crystal-clear waters in far north Queensland are incredible and so visual it's hard to beat.

Angling Inspiration

My dad. Although the old boy doesn't get out on the water too much these days my dad was a super keen and very good trout fisherman and photographer in his day. My old man taught me everything I know about fishing up until the day I made the move to cairns and I still use his techniques and theories in my fishing today.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Cairns has so many amazing options when it comes to fishing, when the weathers flat I'm out the reef, when its windy I'm walking up a local jungle stream, when the moon or tides are right, I'm up at lake Tinaroo or in the esterizes targeting barramundi.

Why I Fish

Fishing for me is about staying connected to the outdoors and disconnecting myself with everything else in my life that matters. That flow state feeling of being completely lost in the moment.

I fish simply because I love fishing. I love the thrill of the chase, the catch and the release, being with mates and sharing a common interest, teaching my kids to fish the way my dad taught me, just being on the water and enjoying the scenery and wildlife and exploring and discovering new places, challenging myself to learn and tick off goals, new species or PBs and I love the photography and videography that goes with it because I truly believe everyone needs an outlet to create.

Fishing is a lifestyle and it’s a bloody good one.


To date I've never fished a tournament, but I plan on fishing the 2021 Tinaroo Barra bash and ABT tournaments.

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