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Darren Weda | Outer east Melbourne, Victoria


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

I lure fish for so many different species, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but I definitely get excited for topwater Murray cod, wild river bass, and chasing those frustrating estuary bream and EP’s, especially in skinny water.

Angling Inspiration

I draw inspiration from so many anglers out there, but probably more so from the guys that are really humble anglers and also those anglers that are really creative. The likes of Brett Habener, Mick Guthrie, Andy McKinstray, Scott Whitfield, Josh Hutchins and of course my good mate Josh Cheong to just name a few.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Lake Eildon (aaah the serenity).

Why I Fish

Fishing is like a form of meditation for me, a way to recharge the batteries and forget about the stresses in life, it also gives me a way of really challenging myself and my angling skills.

Fishing also gives me a creative outlet for my photography and videography and takes me to some amazing places around the world. What more could I want in a hobby?


Do the occasional ABT and Hobie Bream events. Great social events.

Favourite Fishing Moment

Watching and enticing my first meter Murray cod to eat my surface lure in clear water 3m from the boat.

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