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Jack Mitchell | Mackay, QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one species that is my favourite fish to target. Although if I had to pick, it would have to be Barra. I get such enjoyment out of chasing a large variety of fish with all types of techniques. My favourite technique would have to be sight casting fish on flats and headlands, it’s just a highly addictive way of fishing and it takes you to some pretty amazing fishing areas. The visual aspect of everything and some of the things you get to see have you wanting more each time.

Angling Inspiration

Growing up fishing my whole life it’s hard to go past the old man, we’ve fished together most weekends since I was 3 and we still are fishing together most weekends now. Johnny Mitchell is another person that inspires me to dive deeper and learn more into what drives fish behaviour, and how they react to seasonal changes. 

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

This would have to be my local area. I’ve lived in Mackay for my whole life and it has such a large range of options on the fishing scene. It has four of the best Impoundment fisheries in Australia and without forgetting the Whitsunday Islands on our doorstep. As well as an unbelievable coastline filled with good creek systems and amazing headlands. 

Why I Fish

Fishing to me is one of those things I can do that helps me forget everything that’s happening around you, and you just enjoy your time on the water. I find great satisfaction in learning about what drives fish behaviour, and then trying to convert that into results no matter the species. It truely is one of the best lifestyles you can live!



Favourite Fishing Moment


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