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Mary Reichard (aka Mez) | Mackay, QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style


The visual aspect of fishing sub surface and surface lures on the reef flats is wicked! Standing up high on the front of the boat drifting through blue holes watching the follows and eats is something I’ll never get sick of. 

It's also incredibly difficult guiding fish that are trying to go back into the reef to their homes lol so whether it’s a trophy fish or a tasty treat the catch still feels the same.

Angling Inspiration

Where do I start?? Ha ha, as cringy as it sounds my husband (Will) is my biggest inspiration, He works hard offshore!!!

I’m just grateful to have such a wicked sidekick that STILL after all these years pushes me every time I am on the water.

All the different reef species, I want to cuddle them all  That’s part of the reason I still love getting up on the flats – you never really know what to expect out of the day.

Also, there is so many incredibly humble people in the fishing industry that inspire me, weather they are creating killer content, running a fishing business, catching a feed, chasing that PB GT or simply just to get out of the house off the couch into nature. That’s what genuinely inspires me – People out there just giving it a go!

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

There is no place as peaceful (when I’m not fighting fish lol) and beautiful as The Great Barrier Reef, till this day every time I hit the reef it still amazes me, not to mention the delish fish I get to take home from there.

Why I Fish

I am a total Introvert that has always preferred being outside than inside, it’s what I look forward to most and what I think about on the daily, I get to reconnect with myself, get out into nature, spend quality downtime with my husband and step away from the busy busy world.

Fishing has also become a creative outlet, to capture moments and our adventures on film is something I know I will cherish for life. We hope to create content for social media and YouTube that inspires people to keep pushing with their passions.



Favourite Fishing Moment


Mary Reichard (aka Mez)'s Favourite Daiwa Products




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