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The photo derby is open Australia Wide for all D.Y.F.C members, simply take a photo and submit your image online together with some details about your entry. With Monthly Prize Giveaways, winners will be judged on both originality and creativity, and one winner will be selected for each of our “I Love Fishing!” and “Eco Anglers!” prize categories. All images submitted will be posted on the D.Y.F.C website and will be visible to both D.Y.F.C members and non-members.

Monthly prize giveaways, enter to WIN 1 of 2
Daiwa prize packs, valued at RRP $50.

I Love Fishing

Submit a pic that shows your love of fishing. It could be a pic of your catch, you out on the water, or a funny pic that shows the lighter side of life and you enjoying the outdoors. Don’t forget to include details on why you love fishing, and the pic that you’ve submitted.

Eco Anglers

Send us a pic that shows your prowess as an Eco Angler. It could be a pic of you cleaning up your local waterway, releasing your catch, or measuring your catch on your D.Y.F.C Measure Mat. And of course make sure you submit details on your Eco Anglers pic.

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I love Fishing

Eco Anglers

  1. Do not fish in places where fishing is prohibited or dangerous.
  2. Never go fishing during heavy rains, waves, strong winds and warnings.
  3. Fishing should be done with adults and parents.
  4. Do not fish in a way that causes trouble to others.
  5. When you finish fishing, be sure to clean the surroundings and take your trash home with you.


Use hashtag #DYFCAU to be featured