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Tammy Spina | Brisbane, QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

Twitching small surface poppers for bass would have to be one of my favourite, there is nothing quite like that awakening surface hit after many many casts into the snaggy banks of South East Queensland river.

Angling Inspiration

I really can’t narrow it down. I am inspired by the many different knowledgeable men and women in the fishing world. The greatest thing about social media is tagging along and enjoying the many different angler journeys.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

I’d be lying if I said I had only one, because quite simply I love all types of fishing, from beautiful Moreton Bay to the beautiful inland dams and freshwater streams and rivers.

Why I Fish

I love the chase, I love the challenge, I love the feeling you get when you land your targeted species after many hard hours of learning, trial and error. Once that fish hits the deck, there is nothing but adrenalin pumping excitement and pure bliss. The feeling of achievement when you achieve that goal truly makes you feel alive and it’s a feeling that lasts not only hours, but days.



Favourite Fishing Moment

1st, when I landed a longtail tuna on my 1st year anniversary on my 2-4kg set up, the fight was on and when that fish hit the deck there was nothing but excitement.

2nd, when I learnt how to catch bream on lures. My mentor taught me how to use the wind to my advantage and I did just that and managed to entice a bream to bite off the backside of a fallen snag. It was truly epic and a great moment for both myself and my mentor.

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