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The Daiwa Young Fishing Club was established in Japan in 1976 and has been running ever since. Many of the original members from the first enrolment are now parents themselves and have their own children signed up to the D.Y.F.C.

The focus of the program is to get kids outside enjoying the outdoors. The D.Y.F.C is here to provide valuable information about interacting with nature, experiencing the joy of fishing, safety near the water and protecting our natural resources for future generations.

Rather than simply improving fishing skills, D.Y.F.C will continue its activities by valuing a "think for yourself, try for yourself" attitude and provide useful information that will assist young people to develop as anglers.

Learning and developing angling skills, environment awareness and connecting with the natural world are key goals and outcomes that result in happier and healthier kids, and in turn more environmentally focused and connected adults of the future.

At D.Y.F.C we believe life in the outdoors is a more satisfying life and the connection with fishing and the natural world is best begun as a child. The purity of fun, the joy of fishing, and the thrill of nature are elements we want every child to experience.

Life in the outdoors is a life best enjoyed.


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