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Aird-X Spin & Baitcast Rods






Light, strong and responsive, the new Aird X series combines contemporary design, technology and looks to stun anglers with angling excellence. Excellence starts with Daiwa’s latest carbon technology, Braiding X, with the low resin, high strength, reduced weight, high-density carbon weave creates a blank that has maximum density, while at the same time is super light, sensitive, and unequalled in responsiveness.

Crisp and lightweight in the hand, yet powerful and responsive under load to put the power and fight in your hands, the Aird X series delivers advanced blank design and unrivalled rod strength and performance at an affordable price. The Aird X’s power and performance is right in your hands courtesy of its ergonomically designed EVA grips, with their low profile tapered profile allowing the rod to blend seamlessly into the angler’s hand for unmatched connection and synergy between angler and rod, while their lightweight design ensures rod weight is kept to a minimum to maximise rod balance and performance.

Daiwa’s famous Surround Hold reel seats provide the ultimate connection between rod and reel, with its low profile vice-like connection delivering ultimate strength and in-hand comfort. Blending seamlessly with the EVA grips they deliver the Aird X the ergonomics, connection and style generally seen on more exclusive high-end rods. The result is a rod with performance to match its looks, and strength to match its ergonomics and advanced design.

Angler connectivity is further enhanced courtesy of Fuji O guides, with their cutting-edge, ultra light and highly sensitive design allowing the angler to experience the full performance and power of the blank. Fuji O guides feature a deep-pressed frame that delivers hi-end performance at an affordable price, and reduces guide twist and bending for optimum rod performance. Advanced in design and contemporary in features the newest Aird X rod range impresses with looks and style, and excites with performance and price.



Model Action CastWeight (g) Length Recommended line Section Taper Type Barcode Sku Price
AIRD-X 601HFS Heavy 10-28g 6'0"/183cm 6 - 12 kg 1 Fast Spin 043178140284 15570 $99.00
AIRD-X 702ULFS Ultra Light 2-10g 7'0"/213cm 2 - 4 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178140291 15571 $99.00
AIRD-X 702LFS Light 4-12g 7'0"/213cm 3 - 5 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178140239 15572 $99.00
AIRD-X 702MFS Medium 7-21g 7'0"/213cm 3 - 7 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178140246 15573 $99.00
AIRD-X 702MHFS Med.Heavy 7-28g 7'0"/213cm 5 – 9 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178140253 15574 $99.00
AIRD-X 701LFS Light 4-12g 7'0"/213cm 3 - 5 kg 1 Fast Spin 043178140260 15577 $99.00
AIRD-X 701HFS Heavy 10-28g 7'0"/213cm 6 - 12 kg 1 Fast Spin 043178140277 15578 $99.00
AIRD-X 902MFS Medium 14-45g 9'0"/274cm 5 - 9 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178153246 15579 $99.00
AIRD-X 1202HFS Heavy 60-120g 12'0"/366cm 7 -15 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178153253 15569 $139.00

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Model Action CastWeight (g) Length (m) Recommended line Section Taper Type Barcode Sku Price
AIRD-X 601HFB Heavy 10-28g 6'0"/183cm 6 - 12 kg 1 Fast Baitcast 043178153260 15575 $99.00
AIRD-X 601MFB Medium 7-21g 6'0"/183cm 4 – 7 kg 1 Fast Baitcast 043178153277 15576 $99.00

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