Saltiga Dorado Pencil

Designed with larger fish in mind the Saltiga Dorado Pencil carries a fuller figure in 2014, and is a figure that’s built to last and built to go hard.

Featuring the same pedigree and design credibility that has made the Saltiga and Dorado name famous this new super sized pencil takes big fish attraction and performance to another level, with its 1.6mm through wire and 150lb class split ring built to handle whatever the fish gods can throw at it.

Featuring the famous Daiwa Pencil cup face, the Dorado produces that sweet pop sound, attractive pop splash, and enticing bubble trail through the gills, to deliver anglers the ultimate big game pencil.

Unwavering in strength, and flawless in looks nothing can match the Saltiga Dorado Pencil in design and performance. Three realistic, hardwearing, baitfish colour schemes deliver anglers multiple colour options, while super-sharp, super performing hooks ensure your next catch will never get away.

Striking in looks and stunning in performance the ultimate big fish pencil has been born with the new 18cm Saltiga Dorado Pencil.

Model: SDP 18F
Type: Popper
Length: 180mm
Weight: 60g
Depth: Surface