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Saltist BW Spin Rods




Demanding on tackle and body few angling styles challenge in such an unrelenting way as Saltist Bluewater, and few names accept the challenge and shoulder up to the battle in such a formidable way as the Saltist name. The Saltist BW series accepts the challenge and flexes its muscle to intimidate and dominate like only Saltist can. Rigorously designed and tested, and loaded with the pedigree and features that have made the Saltist name famous this new series has it all.

By using a graphite/fibreglass construction with uni-directional wrapping, we have created a process enhancing the design to create a blank that is incredibly resilient, and has a strong backbone and lifting power to control and lead strong fish. Complementing the blank is titanium oxide guides, EVA grips, hooded reel seats and rubber gimbals These great rods are perfectly matched with a wide range of our reels from the budget minded through to the high-end models. With a wide range of models that suit a wide range of offshore fishing styles there is sure to be a model that suits. 



Model Action CastWeight (g) Length Recommended line Section Taper Type Barcode Sku Price
SALTIST BW SJ 56-50/80S SPIN Ex Heavy 150-300g 5'6"/168cm 24-37kg 1 Reg Spin 043178570340 13095 $99.00
SALTIST BW 60S SPIN Heavy 120-300g 6'0"/183cm PE 4 - 6 1 Reg Spin 043178570364 13097 $99.00
SALTIST BW 64BJS JIG SPIN Medium 60-20g 6'4"/193cm PE 2 - 4 1 Reg Spin 043178570357 13099 $99.00
SALTIST BW 722LFS Light 2-10g 7'2"/218cm 2- 4 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178570265 13107 $99.99
SALTIST BW 70M SPIN Medium 30-90g 7'0"/213cm Max PE 2 1 Reg Spin 043178570302 13101 $99.00
SALTIST BW 70MH SPIN Med.Heavy 30-100g 7'0"/213cm MAX PE 5 1 Reg Spin 043178570296 13102 $99.00
SALTIST BW SJ 792H SPIN Heavy 30-100g 7'9"/236cm MAX PE 5 2 Reg Spin 043178584088 13103 $119.00
SALTIST BW SJ 82XH SPIN Ex Heavy 150-300g 8'0"/244cm MAX PE 8 2 Reg Spin 043178570326 13104 $129.00
SALTIST BW 962HFS SPIN Med.Heavy 50-120g 9'6"/290cm PE 2 - 5 2 Reg Spin 043178570319 13105 $129.00
SALTIST BW 56-3/5S-AO SPIN Med.Heavy 90-180g 5'6"/168cm PE 3 - 5 1 Reg Spin 043178598481 13110 $99.00
SALTIST 62-2/3S-AO SPIN Light 30-120g 6'2"/188cm PE 2 - 3 1 Reg Spin 043178598467 13108 $99.00
SALTIST 72MH-AO SPIN Med.Heavy 60-120g 7'2"/218cm PE 3 - 5 2 Reg Spin 043178598474 13109 $99.00

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Model Action CastWeight (g) Length (m) Recommended line Section Taper Type Barcode Sku Price
SALTIST BW SJ 56-50/80B O/H Ex.Heavy 150-300g 5'6"/168cm 24-37kg 1 Reg Overhead 043178570340 13096 $99.00
SALTIST BW 60B O/H Heavy 120-300g 6'0"/183cm PE 4 - 6 1 Reg Overhead 043178570364 13098 $99.00
SALTIST BW 64BJB JIG O/H Medium 60-120g 6'4"/193cm 2- 4 kg 1 Reg Overhead 043178570357 13100 $99.00

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