TD Pluton

Built like a tank is the only way to describe Daiwa’s ultimate heavy duty baitcaster, introducing the Team Daiwa Pluton… the heavy metal reel built for heavy duty fishing. The TD Pluton was the first baitcaster reel to get the Real Four Design makeover – Real Engine, Real Endurance, Real Control, Real Custom – it set the standard as the world’s strongest baitcaster.

Everything about Pluton says tough, the incredibly solid, yet lightweight, one piece aluminium frame is a great base for the heavy duty module drive gear, stainless steel pinion gear and super smooth UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag. The UTD drag is powerful and requires some serious hardware to crank it up, the tough aluminium star drag with tension clicker provides incremental precise control for just about any line class.


To provide extra cranking power and improved balance the Td Pluton features the Swept Handle design, when placed on a rod this design moves the handle knobs closer to the rod’s centerline. The result is less wobble of the rod and reel in your hand as you crank. That means less wasted energy-a more powerful retrieve.

Pluton is built to handle the extra pressure, torque and punishment of Australia’s toughest conditions and fish. Big fish – light tackle – think TD Pluton.


Model Gear Ratio Ball Bearings Weight Drag Rating Spool Capacity
200H 5.1 8 + 1 355g 7kg 5.4kg/170m,6.3kg/140m
200HL 5.1 8 + 1 355g 7kg 5.4kg/170m,6.3kg/140m
200HS 6.3 8 + 1 360g 7kg 5.4kg/170m,6.3kg/140m