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Posted 02th June 2023

Daiwa Trout Lures

Daiwa Trout Lures
Daiwa Trout Lures

By Mark Gercovich 

Daiwa has been producing some well-known, high quality and effective trout lures for some time. Now with the addition of the new shallow running Double Clutch, the DC75SR, Daiwa has pretty much covered all the trout jerkbait style lures you need, for whatever situation you are fishing. Here’s the Daiwa trout lure team and some ideas for scenarios where they are best used. This is mainly in reference to the southwest of Victoria where I do most of my trout fishing, but the ideas can be used anywhere.

Infeet Sazanami 60SP

The new Infeet Sazanami is a perfect replica for the small smelt that our local river and lake trout like to feed on. Adel rice fish and Adel au are the best two colors for representing these baitfish. These lures are great for clear, slow-moving waters such as shallow lake areas and river pools during periods of low flow, where matching the hatch is vital for clued up fish.  

Double Clutch 48SP-G and 60SP-G

Ideal for smaller areas that require a bit more depth than the Sanzami and Presso 60F the Double Clutch 48SP and Double Clutch 60SP are ideal for pools or snags in rivers or small lakes and dams, either casting or trolling. They’re also great in mixed brackish water areas where you are likely to come across trout, EP’s and bream. Once again natural colors like the ghost perch, chrome belly and ghost ayu work best in this situation. 

Presso 60F

The perfect small water stream lure when walking the bank. Its wide attractive action and its buoyancy helps you bounce it along through rapids and runs where trout like to hold up. The Presso 60F can handle a fast-flowing river better than the Sanzami. Colors moebi, sunny gill and cut throat are the three most natural colors for clear water targeting feeding trout year round. Whilst the “spotted dog styles” matt gold pup and golden retriever are good in the lead up to spawning season.

 Presso 95SP

When our local rivers begin to run hard and fast it's time to pull out the big lures like the Presso 95SP.  Despite the water clarity being extremely brown, with little visibility, quite large trout thrive under these conditions feeding ravenously on disoriented baitfish. Not only do these lures match the hatch of a large prey item they are able to hold their action in the fast-moving water, where many lures are unable to do this. The Presso 95SP maintains its strong, wide, alluring action even when fished within a fast current. This wide oscillating action has long been recognized as attractive to trout. Shallow running lures like the Presso 95SP are best for this type of fishing as it usually is in the shallow runs that the fish wait to ambush their prey.  

Double Clutch 75SP-G

The Double Clutch 75 SP is a hugely popular lure for general trolling or casting from a boat in shallow to medium depth lake areas for trout. Ghost perch, rusty au and ghost au are great colors in clear water, naturally mimicking the local forage species the trout would be preying on.   

Double Clutch 95SP-G

For lakes that contain some XOS size trout, moving up to the 95mm Double Clutch is a good option. As mentioned with the Presso 95SP, big trout have big mouths and love to mow down large prey items and the DC95 SP is perfect for this. Ghost perch and brown trout are two good colors to start with. These larger lures are best trolled as they are quite large to cast on traditional trout gear.

Double Clutch 75SR

It has been with much anticipation that I have been waiting for Double Clutch 75SR, as it’s the perfect all-round sized lure for our local trout covering many of the scenarios mentioned above. Not too big, yet not too small and unobtrusive. Its slender profile in natural colors like ghost perch, ghost au and Adel ayu are a perfect replica for the prolific galaxid baitfish that forms a major prey item of the trout in both lakes and streams. Without the larger bib of the 75 SP-G the lure is super aerodynamic and casts like a bullet. This makes it a perfect lure for prospecting in shallow lake areas where long casting is essential, particularly when shore based. Yet despite the reduction in bib size it still has that seductive Double Clutch roll we have all grown to love.

As the weather cools and the trout become more active, Daiwa has all your jerk baiting options covered. Grab a few today and get amongst the action.

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