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Product Review- Emeraldas LT 3000S

By Simon Goldsmith

We’re spoilt for choice these days when it comes to spin reels and one of the newest models I’ve been using of late is firming as one of my favourites, and it’s a real that I rarely use for squid fishing. The Emeraldas LT is true to the famous name and features the styling and performance that has made this aqua coloured family of products legendary.

Before I get into the reasons why I’m a fan of this great reel let’s take a look at the specs and features of the Emeraldas LT.

The Nuts and Bolts

* Model: Emeraldas LT 3000S-C-DH

* Weight: 245g

* Line Capacity: 0.8/200m (6lb J-Braid Grand)

* Body Material: DS5

* Drag: 10kg

* Bearing Count: 7 + 1 roller bearing

* Handle Type: Screw in

The newest addition to the Emeraldas reel range, while the Emeraldas LT may be one of the more budget orientated reels in their range it’s anything but short on features. Jam packed with many of the latest technologies and specs you’d expect from more expensive reels it’s a reel that punches well above its price point.

What Are You Made Of?

The foundation of any reel is the frame and for the Emeraldas it’s a DS5 body where it all starts. A carbon composite material DS5 is light, strong, inexpensive and unlike metal doesn’t corrode.

While the frame sets the reel up for success it’s what’s inside that counts and the Emeraldas is loaded with features, many of which you find on more expensive reels. Here’s a hit list of some of its features:

  • Digigear II
  • LT Concept
  • Mag Seal
  • Air rotor
  • ABS II spool
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • Airbail, and
  • ATD

Mag Seal keeps the internals of the reel safe and secure from the elements, while ABS II, Airbail and Air Rotor deliver flawless casting performance, strength and rotational balance when using the reel. ATD drag, screw-in handle and an EVA knobs fill out the list of features, and it’s a list that results in a great performing reel. 

The Reasons Why

So, what is it about the Emeraldas LT that makes me like it? The reasons are three-fold, performance, looks and because it’s fit for purpose for my style of fish. The Emeraldas LT is a pleasure to fish with, with the earlier detailed features and designs combining to create a reel that is light, balanced, strong, yet has the finesse and refinement that I need for the light tackle lure fishing that I like to do.

Looks wise the Emeraldas continues the style trend of the Emeraldas reels before it and in a time where reels are increasingly conservative in looks, Luvias, Exist and Certate I’m looking at you, it’s nice to have a punch of colour in a reel. 

Doing the Job

The new 3000 sized LT reels are a dream to use but the lack of a shallow spool options did bug me. With an old shallow spool 2500 reel I could fill it with a 100-150 metre spool of 0.8/PE, and I was good to go.

The deeper capacity of the new 3000 LT while a win for many who wanted max line capacity was an inconvenience because I either needed to spool the reel with 200 plus metres of PE (I don’t need that much line and most spools are usually sold either as 150 or 300 metre spools), or I had to pack out the spool with mono backing before spooling the reel with PE. Either option wasn’t ideal in my eyes. What I needed was a shallow spooled 3000 LT and sadly there weren’t too many to choose from. So, when the Emeraldas LT 3000S arrived I was ecstatic to say the least.

Not Just a Spin Reel

While the Emeraldas LT may be designed and sold as a squid reel, it’s more than just a one trick pony. I use it for all my light tackle lure angling, and it doesn’t skip a beat. I have however made one slight adjustment to it, and that’s swapping the handle. The reel is only available as a double handle, a feature that is great for squidging but often inconvenient for other styles of fishing. I’m not a fan of double handles so I simply unscrewed the handle and replaced it with a different handle.

It’s a quick and simple swap to make and you could either borrow a handle off one of your other Daiwa spin reels or purchase a new handle specifically for the reel. There’s plenty of handles that will fit the Emeraldas so it’s an easy task to find one that will fit.

So, there you have it a rundown on one of my newest and favourite reels at the moment the Emeraldas LT 3000S. A reel that delivers in looks, style, and performance and a reel that I recommend for all light tackle fans.

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