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How to Choose the Correct Fishing Rod- Tech Tip

Hello Daiwa fans, welcome to another Daiwa tech tip. Today, we are talking rods, and specifically, how to choose the right one. When choosing a rod, there's a few things to consider, namely rod length, line, lure, type of action, and most importantly, the style of fishing that you're doing, are all things that you want to look at.

I'm fishing a small bass stream in Southeast Queensland, and as you can see from the trees around me, most of the banks have a lot of overhead cover. As a result, I don't want a rod that's too long. A rod anywhere from six-foot-four to six-foot-eight is the longest of all I would use.

The line that I use is 8lb PE with a 10lb leader. While my lure of choice, is a soft plastic rigged on a 1/16 oz jighead. Now, the style of fishing that I'm doing involves throwing this lure tight to the edge and rolling it back to the boat.

And as you would expect with most of the bass, the hits are pretty hard and they come close to cover. Subsequently, you need to muscle those fish out.

So the question is which rod do I use for this style of fishing? It's a six-foot-six, light to medium light, fast action spin rod. It gives me the finesse to throw the light baits yet also has the power to muscle those fish away from cover.

So there we are, a brief rundown on how to choose the right rod for you, whether it's chasing squid in Victoria, jelly fish in WA, or barramundi in the Northern territory.

To find out more about our rods, of course, check them out on our websites. You'll find our spec tables, which will give you that all important information that you need to help you find the right rod for you.


Meet Simon Goldsmith
Daiwa Marketing

A Daiwa Fan Boy at heart Simon loves nothing more than loading up his bass boat with Daiwa gear and JDM tackle and hitting his local lakes in search of bass or packing the boat and car for a trip to North Queensland chasing sooty grunter and mangrove jack.


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