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Five Must-Have Hardbaits for Summer

By Dale Baxter

There's much to love about summer. Warms days at the beach, cricket on the radio and of course those red-hot hardbait days on the water.

For a bream angler summer is all about topwaters, crankbaits and hardbaits. Here's a rundown of my five must-have hardbaits for when the weather is hot and the cicadas are singing.

Dawia Infeet Range

1. Pro Double Clutch IZM 48SP-G – I am hanging out to get stock of these, I have used the one lure I have for a few months and love an under 50mm mid diving Jerk bait it has been catching plenty of fish. They have all the attributes you have come to expect from a double clutch in the perfect fish eating snack size. They suspend well and twitch great. Such a great colour range too.

2. Infeet Rolling Crank MR – I have been using Rolling cranks for a long time, as they were available before they became the Infeet redesigned ones. I will be using these on the flats as well as along rocky edges of my local rivers in height of summer as the fish start feeding right up on the edge. They cars really well and have a fantastic roll on them.

Daiwa Infeet Rod & Lures

3. Infeet Spike 44 MR – These are a new lure to the Daiwa range and going to work really well in the transition from Spring to Summer. Searching those deeper edge drop off s where some of those fish that a re a bit more tentative. Being a slightly smaller size they won’t really spook any fish and generate more strikes.

4. Infeet Slippery Dog 65 TG Tune – These lure make great search baits on the flats where you have a lot of ground to cover, these will allow you find fish quickly. They also cast a mile with the right rod. And the stinger hooks off the back of the lure assist in a great hook up rate too. These are the perfect whiting lure.

Daiwa Infeet Lures

5. Presso Minnow 60FI find this is a great flats / shallow edge lure, and great for twitching in front of black bream, especially where there are some nice lay downs and snags in shallow water, or where they are head down digging for food.

So there you have it my five go to hardbody lures for the spring/summer season ahead, like many I am just looking forward to getting out and catching plenty of fish.

Infeet lure

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