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Product Review- Steez Metal Vibe

By Mark Gercovich

I was highly skeptical many years ago when I laid my eyes on a thin metal vibration lure for the first time, particularly as an effective bream lure. Surely a cagey old bream wasn’t going to chomp on a mouth full of metal, only cranky pelagics or maybe a flathead would do that. Well, I was happy to be proven wrong and now metal style vibration lures hold an important place in the light tackle lure angler’s arsenal. It's great now that there is such a lure in the Daiwa stable with the recent release of the Daiwa Steez Vibe.

With a particularly wet and cold winter this season there have been plenty of opportunities to try these lures out. Metal vibes are an effective lure during these colder months as they can be fished to target species holding in deeper water.

The key to the lure's effectiveness lies in its ability to be fished on the bottom close to where the fish are holding. They make a puff of sand, sediment, or mud that, in conjunction with the lure's vibration, attracts the fish. They can also be effective in shallower waters in warmer months too. Their weight allows them to be cast well away from you, allowing you to hopefully not spook the fish. The same little puffs of sand in conjunction with the vibration that works well in deeper water can work just as well in waters from a few cm to a couple of meters.

The vibes come in 3.5g, 5g and 7g and are very reasonably priced with a RRP $12.99 when compared to some of their competitors.

One little modification to make out of the box is to remove the clip attached to the tow point that comes with the lure. This can tend to catch in the hooks when working the lure. Replace the clip with a small split ring, approximately the same size as the ones the hooks are attached to. It still gives you something to tie your leader to but won’t affect the action of the lure or tangle the trebles.

I always take the split ring that comes on the tow point of most hard bodied lures and attach them to my leader with a loop knot. Therefore, I never have a shortage of split rings they can be used for this purpose. The hooks need no modification as they are sharp and fine gauge, perfect for finding a hold.

Summer of winter, Steez Metal Vibes are definitely worth a place in your arsenal of light tackle luring options.

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