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J-Braid: Great cast ability for chasing trout – Darren Weda

#BeASTrongFighter For chasing trout you need a thin braid that comes off the spool nicely and guarantees to give you as much casting distance as possible. Using super light lures are crucial for chasing species like trout, but can hinder your casting distance so using a braid that has great castability is essential.

Another essential is a strong braid, one that will give you the most strength possible for the thinnest diameter. Chasing any skinny water species like trout can be rough on your line, so it has to have the ability to withstand a bit of abrasion through rubbing on rocks, logs, branches etc.

Daiwa’s new J-braid has managed to tick all of these boxes, giving us anglers a value for money braid that has great castability, thin diameter and high strength ratio. I have been using the J-braid for all my trout fishing for a while now and have been super impressed with its performance when compared to other more expensive braid I’ve used in the past.

J-Braid Trout 02

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