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The Daiwa Lure Assault: TD Minnow & Presso Minnow 6F – Mark Gercovich

With the cold weather, yet clear water conditions recently I have been enjoying some quality trout fishing. This has no doubt in my mind been helped by the effectiveness of the new range of Daiwa TD minnows and Presso minnows which are perfect for this situation.

60mm long and slender in profile, they are a great match for the local galaxid population the local trout predate on. The main difference between the two is one is silent suspender the other a floater with a slight rattle.

The floater is great for working shallow water or running water, when you need to stop a lure as it hits an obstruction and allow it to rise out of trouble. The suspender is ideal for situations where you need to hold a lure in a strike zone or suspend the lure in the face of a pursuing brown, then give it a good shake to fire him up.

Daiwa Lure Assault 01


Also differing from the original presso minnow is that the new model has a far wider variety of colors.   There are natural colors to look life like in clear water, and then brighter colors to bring out the aggression in pre spawn browns. They also cast well, an important feature when drift casting from a boat or bankside fishing, where long casts are essential to cover the water.

Daiwa Lure Assault 03

However, perhaps the best feature is the addition of the new SaqSas hooks. These super sticky hooks walk the perfect line between strength and finesse. Fine and sharp to p enetrate the harder mouth of hook jawed pre spawn a trout, but also strong enough to cope with the thrashing and jumping antics of said fish once hooked. They are super sticky and I have never noticed hooks on a lure to catch on every bit of material in the car, boat or on my clothes as they do.

Now all we need is for the 95mm TD Minnows to arrive for the dirty water fishing scenarios and the trout have no chance of escaping the Daiwa lure assault.

daiwa lure assault 02


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