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Like a Tiger!

TD Commander – Tiger Division.

By Andrew Badullovich.

The hottest technology in fishing rod construction at the moment is without a doubt the AGS (Air Guide System) that is incorporated within some of Daiwa’s “high-end” rod ranges. The only problem with AGS is that it drives the total price of the rod upward and out of reach for some anglers. Well, Daiwa have recognised this and have produced a range of rods that boasts all the top end features, without the top-end price tag.


The TD Commander is almost a cross between a TD Battler and Black Label; but most importantly, conveys the AGS technology. One rod within the range that I have had the privilege of using is the Tiger Division. This rod really suits my style of fishing, and I can tell you it has been a pleasure to use. The rod measures 7’6” in length with a line rating of 1-3kg…which makes it perfect for crank-baiting the shallows. This rod also boasts the Megatop technology, which enhances sensitivity and aids loading light lures for casting distance. Megatop is also useful as a bite indicator when bait-fishing, and I have enjoyed using the Tiger Division for presenting lightly weighted and delicate bait when whiting fishing.


I have experimented with this rod as a top-water fishing weapon, and found that working surface lures with Megatop is a little difficult; however, I have had success with smaller surface lures weighing less than 4g. While there are rods out there that are more suited for surface fishing, the Tiger Division will get the job done.


I have used both braid and fluorocarbon through the guides of this fantastic rod, but I have found that it is more suited to fluorocarbon. I particularly like this rod for cranking the flats with fluoro’, as it is ultra-sensitive. Sensitivity is hard to obtain when fishing straight through monofilament lines; however, the AGS and Megatop really do provide technology to feel.


While these rods are still up there in price, they are the cheapest way to get into AGS. Once you’ve used a rod with AGS, you’ll find it hard to purchase a rod without it. The Tiger Division is worth a look if you’re into cranking the flats or chasing finicky fish with bait…it performs “like a tiger”!

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