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Testing the Black Label BL701MLXS

After spending a few days fishing for longtail tunas and catching heaps on the big Saltiga gear, we were worn out so it was time for a change in pace, we headed to the estuary for a bit of lure casting in the drains and holes. I recently received a new Black Label 701 MLXS V2 spin rod, it’s a 7 foot rod (2.13 meters in the metric scale) single piece blank rated medium light action and rated to 3-5 kg line. I matched this with one of my 2500 Certate reels loaded with 12 pound braid which was a perfect match, well balanced and it looked great!


The bottom of the run out tide we found plenty of smaller threadfin salmon feeding on jelly prawns in the drains, due to the salmons quick hit and run feeding style quick, often long casts were needed and we managed to catch a few smaller 70cm fish, the tackle felt good cast exceptionally well and handled the fish easily.


As the tide turned the salmon action finished so we headed home, preparing to return next day. Early morning a different tide I pushed further up the creeks and found a few nice shows on the sounder, fishing deeper vibe style lures around the snags we managed a few more salmon, cod, grunter and eventually landed a nice little jewie on a Daiwa Woofer vibe, he bolted for the snags but the black label had enough power to hold him out, it was great fun on the light tackle.


I can’t wait for winter to find some big Queensland dusky flathead to cast a few lures at with this outfit.


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