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PRODUCT FOCUS: Saltiga 12 Braid – Leigh Fleet

A new era of line has arrived, super strong, smooth line with the ultimate casting distance: Saltiga 12 Braid.

Daiwa has set the standards over time in reel and rod development and now in 2015 has now pushed the standards in line development with the world’s first 12 Braid.

I was set the task of testing it and the question’s I had were not only would it live up to the Saltiga name but would it rival other big names in its class, especially in the PE10 category, I eagerly awaited some samples to arrive and began spooling reels immediately, PE2, PE5 and PE10. Straight off the spool it felt super smooth and has a stiffness I personally like when using Pe line.

Loading Saltiga reels all running an easy 300 metres of this notably super thin line, the Pe10’s 130lb breaking strain stands beside the strongest lines in the industry. But the technology in developing this line has gone a step further. Producing a 12 ply braid along with applying Daiwa’s UVF (Ultra Volume Fibre) and +Si Evo Silicone, Daiwa has produced the ultimate high-density braid exhibiting supreme abrasion resistance and ultimate strength. With improved abrasion resistance, more strength, a smoother surface and an amazing 30% less line stretch compared to other 8 braid premium PE lines, 12 braid is the ultimate in line technology and a new industry standard. Setting hooks hard and fast is easier and fishing heavy structure with more confidence is possible.

Saltiga 12 braid 01


By reducing the diameter and creating an ultra-smooth surface this allows 12 braid to produce less friction/ and resistance on the guides and spool rim allowing for longer, smoother casting, less noise, minimal water penetration and incredible sensitivity.

Testing line takes time, straight out of the packet line always feels nice and generally casts well, but how does it feel over time? How does it wear? Does it fray much? So, well before an extreme fishing trip I ensured the line was well used prior to departure, casting, casting and casting some more, boating some quality fish during this phase and getting ready to put it to the ultimate test. Casting Pe5 and Pe10 lines over shallow reefs, huge coral bommies, catching big reefies and mighty GTs is the best way to test any line in my opinion, I can safely say 12 Braid will meet expectations as it has exceeded mine, I think pictures always say more than words and putting the runs on the board says it all really.

Saltiga 12 braid 03


Saltiga 12 is the ultimate heavy duty jigging and casting line for big game fish. Color-coded every 10 meters and marked every 1 and 5 meters to allow you full line control.

For me personally my questions were answered through rigorous testing, thousands of casts and catching quality fish so it’s a winner for me. You actually feel more connected to your rod and reel when using it but you will have to try it for yourself to see if meets your fishing style and application. When a spool change is next required on my Saltigas it will be 12 Braid.

Saltiga 12 braid 02


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