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PRODUCT FOCUS: Bulls Away (Generation Black Bullup 603MHFB) – Jesse Rotin

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to escape to quite a few magical places fishing in and around Australia. In the lead up to every trip away I like to prepare a list to ensure that there is nothing I have forgotten and also to minimise the chance of taking extra, unneeded tackle.

On a recent trip to one of my all-time favourite places, Weipa, I did just that. Taking up an arsenal of rods, reels and lures that I’ve never dabbled with before, and using a range of new techniques that have brought great success on past fishing experiences around Australia.

The Generation Black Bullup was one of the items that really stood out for me on this trip. Now I will admit upon first glimpse of the Bullup, I did have a slight thought that it may be a little heavy for what I was chasing, but I was wrong and throughout the trip the Bullup showed me why. Now if anyone has ever caught a Fingermark before, they would know that they pull and pull and don’t stop pulling till the very end. These freight trains undoubtably tested every bit of the 4-7kg line rating, but the Bullup never gave in, enabling me to stay connected long enough to land every hook up without the loss of a single fish or lure!

A major drawcard to this rod is that it is a three piece construction and when dismantled fits into a classy soft case provided for protection and is especially beneficial when travelling via plane or even a short trip by car for Cod, Yellow Belly and Australian Bass down on your local waterway.

Generation Black bullup 01


Whilst on the trip I also stumbled across a technique that yielded great success on Barramundi and a few other species, when the fishing was difficult due to the slowing tide. Casting T.D Vibration Woofer’s in the 106 and 107 sizes (Bronze Shad and Caramel sauce colours worked best), hard up into large log Jams and muddy drop-offs, I would allow the lure to sink under a tight line to the bottom. With a short lift of the rod tip, followed by a pause, these lures were successful in enticing a bite. Most of the strikes would occur as the lure was paused, but as the conditions were making the fish a little timid, the bites were ultra subtle. The Bullup, with its TDZ skeleton reel seat design (which is a nifty hollow sectioned reel seat), gave me the direct sensitivity I needed to pick up on even the slightest of timid takes allowing me to continue catching fish right through the whole day.

Daiwa certainly have done well on the Generation Black range as they have provided many options to cover most bases – from single piece models right through to the 3 piece travel version. So if you’re planning a trip away, or if you find single piece rods awkward, then I highly recommend a Travel Rod in the Generation Black range. Whichever model you choose, you’re sure to be surprised by the power, performance and value for money every model has to offer.

Generation Black bullup 02

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