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Product Review- 20 Daiwa Infeet Z 641LFS

By Dale Baxter

Sight casting to any species of fish is always a big drawcard for many anglers these days and has huge appeal because of how visual the whole process is. 

From finding the fish, to presenting your lure with a perfect cast, or twitching it just in time to provoke a strike is one of the best parts of fishing I believe. I love chasing big Southern Black Bream in heavy structure that is hard to access and cast under and to be able to watch it all happen in front you doesn’t get any better.

One of the keys to success with this style of fishing is casting accuracy, which in turn comes down what type of rod you use. Generally you do not need to provide long casts however you do need to be pin point perfect or you will either spook the fish or just not gain interest to enable a hook up. I like to get in under some the bigger piers and jetties here in Melbourne’s CBD and sight cast to these very wise and healthy fish and this creates a couple of challenges. You need to have accuracy and manoeuvrability. 

Long rods just don’t help in this situation. I have tried with very limited success because they were not the correct tools for the job. This is where the new 20 model Infeet Z 641LFS comes into its own and is perfect for this situation and style of fishing, its what it was designed for. At 6’4” it is short and is easy to pitch or underhand cast lures to pylons and crossbeams with the accuracy you need. It is also rated at 1-4kg so once hooked up you can put a fair amount of pressure on fish to extract them from the cover hide within. It is built with a great range of components and quality fittings, which can found via the link below. It also has some heritage in it with the use of the heartland style reel seat, which is super comfortable in hand. 

These are perfect for fishing in the kayak, as the designers have listened to feedback from the Kayak anglers who have requested slightly shorter overall handle lengths and this make easy to use whilst sitting down as well. I balance mine with a either 2000LT or 2500LT shallow spool reel. I’m normally casting either Crabs, stick minnows and lightly weighted plastics, the tip is soft enough to throw these light lures too. 

So if you’re into to tight structure fishing whether it is in and under or want a super accurate casting rod for hitting those pontoons and jetties with precision this is a rod to put in your arsenal. I highly recommend this little beauty that the guys at Daiwa Australia have developed for us, give a go and I’m sure it will help you get a few more fish in heavy cover.

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