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Product Review- Bait Junkie 7" Jerk Shad

By Alex Bellisimo

I've been smashing a few kings off the ocean rocks lately, and that's typical of this time of year. I love using the Eastern Sea Gar for kingfish bait as it has been a reliable way to catch kings.

I've also been using the 7" Bait Junkie Jerk Shad with surprising results. Normally a two hook snelled garfish or ganged rigged garfish out fishes lures at least 7 to 1, but the new super soft 7" Jerk Shad have an amazing wriggling action and the kings absolutely love them. I have had a few occasions recently where the kings are responding well to the sea gars, squid, live baits then completely switching off. 

Looking for something to turn them back on I switched to the 7" Jerk Shad and it was exactly the thing to get them back feeding again. It is worth noting to use a few different jighead weights with your Jerk Shads. Swapping weights alters the action and depth of the lure and can be the change to trigger bites and keep fish biting.

Rod movement is also important with a downward jigging action with your rod tip or a left then right slide of the rod tip, followed by a pause, the winding up the slack a gun way to draw a strike from a king.

The perfect bait, in this case a 7" Bait Junkie, correct jighead weight and rod tip action all lead to one thing. Kingfish soft plastics success.

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