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Posted 03th March 2023

Product Review: Infeet Rod Handles Explained

Product Review: Infeet Rod Handles Explained
Product Review: Infeet Rod Handles Explained

By Dale Baxter

Having a rod feel comfortable and balanced in the hand I believe is the key to being able to present a lure all day long in the right way with an accurate cast, which in turn should result in a higher catch rate and put plenty of smiles on faces. In this blog I am going to delve into the differences in the handles/grips in the Infeet range and talk about the different shapes and materials used in these.

With 30 different models in the Infeet rod range there is now a taper/action to suit every application for light tackle fishing. From the most finesse presentations for crank baiting or lightly weighted plastic’s to not giving them an inch with heavy leaders and heavy gauge hooks for pulling them out of racks and heavy structure when you need to. There are two types of blanks with in the range as well and these are recognisable by their colouring, they are either Blue/White for the regular or slower taper models and red/black for the faster taper models.

There are 5 different model lines in the range now and each one is given a unique range of components. With all of these model lines they all have different handles / reel seats / grips and each one having different technologies that suit the price point of that particular model line.

Having a comfortable, sensitive and balanced grip can make all of the difference in feeling a bite as it is what is connecting the angler to ultimately the lure on the end of the line. It is important to not only be comfortable in the hand for long days of continuous casting and retrieval, however more importantly is the having the ability to detect even the slightest of ticks so that you can set the hooks on hopefully your next PB or memorable catch.

As a refresh of the 5 model lines are as follows.

* Infeet Spin – Entry into the Infeet range – 7 Models.

* Infeet Z Spin – Mid Range Spin – 8 Models.

* Infeet Z Baitcast - Mid Range Bait caster – 2 Models.

* Infeet SK - New Skeleton Grip – 4 Models.

* Infeet EX Spin - Top end Spin – 6 Models.

* Infeet EX Baitcast - Top End Bait Caster – 2 Models.

* Infeet Ltd - One off model with the highest components possible – 1 Model.


    Starting at the entry point of the range with Infeet model, these rods are priced from $199 and have a Daiwa reel seat which has been designed to fit into the curve of the palm of your hand, it has a mix of EVA foam either side of the reel seat with a shorter front section to allow the index finger to sit directly on the blank to feel what the lure is doing. They comprise a split grip and feel very comfortable in the hand and look great. 

    Infeet Z

    For those that have been around the brand for some time they will know that the shape on the Z series has taken its inspiration and is very reminiscent of the old and favoured Heartland series of rods albeit has had some huge upgrades in regards to technologies and materials used. The Z series uses the all new AirSensor Reel Seat which is Daiwa’s Carbon Fibre reel seat that is lighter in weight, high in strength and sensitivity and is one of the lightest reel seats on the market. Having a strong reel seat I find allows less flex to give a more precise feel when hooked up and being lighter gives the rod a better balance as well. It is surrounded by EVA foam split grip for a hard wearing smooth finish.

    These rods feel very balanced in the hand and ideally suited to a 2000 or 2500 size reel. Quite a bit of time testing and discussing during the development process went into handle length, these are shorter than some other rods in the brand and this makes them perfect for using in the kayak as the split grip doesn’t get caught up in your PFD or clothes whilst sitting and casting.

    Infeet Z Baitcaster

    Being very new to the range the Infeet baitcasting rods in the Z range have the same technology as in the spin series. There are only 2 models in the line up a, fast taper (red/black) and regular taper (blue/white). They are utilising the baitcast Daiwa Air Sensor reel seat which is lighter and stronger than the regular one with a split grip allowing the lower hand to help with casting. Also with EVA finishing off the upper and lower sections of the handle. Very comfortable in hand and for those new to bait casting with lighter weight lures, they very easy to use.

    Infeet SK

    Most notably the newest models to Infeet stable with 4 in total in the SK range. The Infeet SK are fitted with a Fuji SK (Skeleton) Reel seat as customers have been asking for one on the Infeet models for a while now. This reel seat allows the fingers to directly touch the blank where the reel is located allowing you to be able feel every movement through the blank. These are again surrounded by EVA foam and a split grip format as well.

    Infeet EX

    The Infeet EX range sits at the top of the Infeet line up as the Flagship model as it is packed with all the latest and best technologies Daiwa has to offer. It is also the only full grip model in the line up which allows it a different aesthetic to the rest of the range. The EX range uses Daiwa’s Air Sensor reel seat which is made from lightweight SVF Carbon Fibre, it is sensitive, has high strength and is minimal in weight which is very important to the balance and final feel of the rod. This reel seat is paired with Daiwa’s Air Foam EVA which is as sensitive as cork albeit with none of the short comings like dirt and wear which over time can affect the feel of the rod. These are my favourites rods in the range and I love the feel of them in the hand and they also look amazing. The attention to detail on these is next level.

    Infeet Ex Baitcaster

    As with the Z BC models these were released at AFTA show in 2022. They sit alongside the EX range and share all the goodies that the EX range have with SVF Nanoplus blanks and X45X Carbon a mix of Fuji Titanium and Daiwa AGS guides. There is no difference when it comes to the handles on these, they use Daiwa’s double trigger Air Sensor reel seat for the best comfort and is also fitted with Air Foam EVA to give the rod ultimate sensitivity. I have been using the faster taper version of this rod for the past few months and cannot put it down. I have been mainly using it for throwing 65mm Cranka Crabs and the heavier Muss Lures on 6lb straight through fluorocarbon line which has been very successful.

    Infeet LTD

    Although the LTD has just been released I still believe it should be covered in this blog. The LTD is higher spec version the Infeet EX 7’5” just with better components. It was built alongside the all New TD Battler’s that are the flagship model in the Daiwa range. It come’s with a split grip and has new Daiwa Air Sensor hybrid reel seat which has been designed to fit better in the palm of your hand and Air Foam to help with sensitivity and longevity. This like many of the Infeet range is a very technique specific rod, designed to throw very lightly weighted plastics over the tops of weed beds for XOS bream. Having the sensitivity this rod offers is paramount to catching more fish.

    I hope this give you a better handle on the range, design and materials that are used for the handles in the Infeet range, next time you're in store have a good look and feel of them and pick out which one will suit you the best don’t be shy to take your reel along to see if it balances well.




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