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Posted 11th November 2022

Product Review: J-Thread FC X-Link and Saltiga FC X-Link

Product Review: J-Thread FC X-Link and Saltiga FC X-Link
Product Review: J-Thread FC X-Link and Saltiga FC X-Link

By Simon Goldsmith

In life not all things are created equal and that’s especially true when it comes to fishing lines and leaders. Daiwa has a rich history when it comes to fishing line with names such as TD Sensor, Saltiga PE, and in more recent years the J-Family of lines including J-Braid and J-Thread much loved line choices for Australian anglers.

In 2022 Daiwa raised the performance stakes again, particularly in the leader category with the release of the new X-Link (pronounced Cross Link) line creation process. X-Link is an evolution in the line making process and involves modifying the line material by altering its structure on a molecular level and adding a chemical bond (X-Link) between the line particles. This additional bond increases the lines subtleness and makes it incredibly limp.

With tradition fluorocarbon leader if you made a line more subtle and limp it came at the cost of hardness and the line actually ends up softer, and a softer line is the opposite of what you want in a leader because it breaks easier, is less abrasive resistant, and is more easily damage.

The delivers the opposite, and while resulting in a more subtle and limp line it also makes the line harder and more abrasion resistant. One of the other things that a subtle and limp line does is that it allows you to tie better knots which in-turn enhances knot strength, and knot strength is something that tradition fluro leaders often lacked. Essentially, X-Link is a win-win process, delivering you all the sought-after traits you want in a fluro leader.

The new X-Link process features in two of Daiwa’s new leaders, J-Thread FC X-Link and Saltiga FC X-Link. Let’s look at these two leader options, how they compare and which one to choose depending on the fishing that you’re doing.

J-Thread FC X-Link

The newest and standout fluro leader in the Daiwa light tackle leader range J-Thread FC X-Link is the spool to reach for all serious lure anglers. If throwing lures for trout, bream, bass, and flathead is your jam then this is the leader for you. Limp and supple with high knot strength and super high abrasion resistance this should be your go-to when it comes to light tackle lure angling.

Available in 11 difference sizes from 4lb to 20lb, and in 70 metre (4-12lb) and 50 metre (14-20lb) spools, J-Thread FC X-Link is made in Japan, features DPLS (Daiwa Parallel Line Spooling) technology to eliminate unwanted line curling and memory issues as the line comes off the spool, and an elasticised line tender to keep line tangle free and on the spool when not in use. 

The new benchmark in fluorocarbon material J-Thread FC X-Link is the new rockstar of the Daiwa light tackle leader range.

Saltiga FC X-Link

The Saltiga range is the poster child of heavy saltwater supremacy the Saltiga FC X-Link is in keeping with the tough guy reputation. Leader strength and toughness is maximised courtesy of Daiwa’s Tough Resin, while the new X-Link process delivers its host of benefits including greater line subtleness, limpness, abrasion resistance and improved knot strength and performance.

Saltiga FC X-Link is the perfect line to reach for when you want an ultra-tough leader that will resistance scuffing and abrasion around reefs or the rasping mouths of leader destroying species. Available in nine sizes from 20lb to 100m and in 30 metre spools, Saltiga FC X-Link is made in Japan, features Daiwa DPLS spooling technology to maximise line manageability and the ‘can’t live without’ elasticised line tender.

While designed to be the dominant force in saltwater fluorocarbon leader Saltiga FC X-Link is equally at home in the freshwater when bucket-mouth impoundment barra and cod are cueing up to inhale your lure and test your leader. 

Two new leaders, one great step forward in fluorocarbon design Daiwa’s new X-Link technology has opened a new door to what is possible in leader strength and performance. Grab a spool and see what the future has delivered in fluro leader design.


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