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By Mark Gercovich

First there was the 9cm Dr Minnow, then there was the 95mm TD Minnow, now there is a new big trout slayer in the Daiwa stable... the Presso Minnow 95SP.   

Despite its dodgy hooks and propensity to break bibs easily, the 9cm Dr Minnow was a standout producer in a world dominated by small trout lures. Our local southwest trout population grows rather large and dines on a variety of large prey, hence the need for a big lure to represent this natural food source.

The disappointment at the Dr Minnow's demise was eventually negated by the arrival of the 95mm TD Minnow. With the added improvements in the form of additional colours, better hooks and a more solid construction, the TD Minnow was a trout favourite here in the South West Victoria until, it too went the way of the Dr Minnow, and was no more. 

Our hoarding and scrounging of TD Minnows is now over with the arrival of the Presso Minnow 95SP. It is a dead ringer for the TD Minnow with even better hooks and more new colours to choose from. 

As well as its large size matching the hatch so to speak and appealing to a large ravenous hook jawed predator, there are other features that make it a winner in the trout lure stakes.

These large local trout are often targeted in fast moving river water, where many lures are unable to maintain their action. The Presso Minnow 95SP however maintains its strong alluring action whether its fished with or into the current. Not only is it perfect for local rivers, it works well in lakes too.

Working the shoreline of local lakes is all about covering water with long casts. With its silent gravity oscillation system the Presso Minnow 95SP casts an absolute mile.  When trolling the Presso works well either flat-lined and down-rigged. When down-rigging you want a lure that tracks well and won’t hang up on itself when being deployed and the Presso Minnow 95SP works well in this regard.

With the cooler months approaching and the best time for trout fishing coming, get yourself a supply of the new Presso Minnow 95SP if you want to connect with those big trophy size trout in your local waterway. 

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