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Why Knot: How to Tie 5 Essential Knots

By Grayson Fong

A common question I get from people new to the light tackle game is ‘What knot’s do you use??’ Whether it is braid to leader or leader to lure, here is a few tips that will help you conquer that personal best fish on light gear in no time.


This is one of the most crucial knots to master as it opens up your fishing arsenal to many species due to the ability to apply it to a broad range of leader strengths. When tying your leaders two of the most important things you need are, good light and a sharp pair of braid scissors. This will ensure you are doing your knots right and the scissors will clean up any tag ends limiting friction when the knot travels through guides.

BEGINNER: The Double Uni

This is where it started for me in first joining my braid to leader many years ago and has been proven to be easy and strong. Great for joining light leader to braid but the knot can become a little cumbersome as the leader diameter grows but this is a great starting point for anyone learning the art.

INTERMEDIATE: The Albright Knot

This is a major leap from the double uni in it’s complexity but it’s advantages are definitely worth the extra work. Works well with both light and heavier leaders if you want to use your light tackle combo to chase bigger species like Bass or Snapper.


Conquer this bad boy and your social status will step up a notch!! An ultra complex knot with it’s main advantage being it’s slim line finish making it a dream to flow through guides especially for light game rods. Practice makes perfect with this bad boy but the return on investment is amazing!!


Keeping things simple let’s look at two knots that will keep you out of trouble in any situation.

Improved Clinch Knot/Blood Knot

Considered one of the best knots to join lures to leader without compromising line strength. Can be used with multiple leader sizes and with the application of a little saliva, can tighten down to a very strong knot.

Lefty’s Loop

A handy knot to know when you come across a lure with no split ring on the tow point or if you want to be creative and putting it onto a lure with a split ring to create a more aggressive action when retrieving, either way this knot is a must for those who love their lure fishing. 

To improve your skills on tying these knots mentioned above it takes practice, practice and practice!! Practicing off the water gives you the chance to test knots so costly failures don’t occur to potentially personal best fish on the water. Also off the water can give you the opportunity to control the lighting (which helps us older folk!) and lets you take your time with limited distractions.

All in all, these knots listed are a great start to your fishing future and will change your life once mastered. Nothing is more satisfying then landing a great fish when all your knots have held!!  

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