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Product Review- Steez RPM Crank

By Joshua Davey

The RPM mid crank 10 has long been a staple name in the South Australian freshwater scene, responsible for many tournament wins in our “Lower Murray” freshwater series. In fact, if you were heading up the river without an RPM in your tackle box, you would probably receive some funny looks from the die-hard freshwater fishos down here. So you can imagine not only my excitement, but the thrill from the rest of the freshwater fishing scene when Daiwa announced the return of the almighty RPM under the “Steez” name. Just as well, because RPMs were gaining a form of cult following, becoming a form of currency and even a status symbol for those lucky enough to have a reasonable collection, particularly of the more popular colours!


Anyway, enough of that now they are back and hopefully here to stay. The RPM mid crank 10 (hence its name) is a 10 ft diving medium size crankbait, they are 56 mm long and fitted with razor sharp trebles. They have a fantastic snag resistant design and are buoyant, making them a great option in snaggy country. One thing I believe sets them aside from the competition however, is their rattle. It is quite a dull, low pitched knocking rattle which in my opinion is what makes these lures so deadly, especially in a dirty water setting. On a calm day, you can literally hear your lure working at a full cast away, so imagine the racket underwater!


Whenever I head up the river or fish an impoundment, an RPM is always the first lure to go on. Why? It is my confidence and searching bait. I have caught good fish on every single colour and I am able to cover lots of ground quickly in search of hungry fish. These lures respond incredibly well to a simple very slow roll, just enough to feel that lure working through the rod tip and making that rattle bounce around. They are a particular favourite for throwing along rocky outcrops and cliff faces, casting at a 45 degree angle to the bank. They dive to depth quickly and comfortably “walk” over hidden timber and rocks. Otherwise they are just as effective casting at submerged laydowns and structure. Don’t let their size fool you either! These mighty little lures have been the undoing of some sensational sized Murray Cod and some of the biggest Golden Perch I have seen.

So, next time you decide to hit the sweet water make sure you have one of these incredible little lures in your arsenal, you will not be disappointed! Let’s just say they are a staple lure for a very good reason!

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