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Tools of the Trade- Bream Crankbaiting

Crankbaiting for bream is a go-to technique for anglers on and off the tournament trail. A simple, yet nuance filled approach, crankbaiting is a technique that’s heavily centred on tackle selection and the correct choice of tackle can be the difference between success and failure. 

In this blog a handful of our Daiwa breamers open the tackle lockers of their bass boats and explain what they use and why they use it.

Kris Hickson

Open Flats

Rod: 20 Infeet 762ULRS

Reel: 21 Caldia MQ 2000S

Line: 3lb J-Thread Finesse FC

The rod is soft and parabolic and has a great feel and is ideal for casting small cranks a mile and keeping the tiny crankbait hooks in a bream’s soft lips. The Caldia MQ has a shallow spool and a smooth light drag allowing me to fish 3lb line with confidence.

Rocky Areas

Rod: 20 Infeet Z 782LFS

Reel: 2500S MQ spin reel

Line: 6lb J-Thread Finesse FC

The longer rod gives more length to steer fish away from the cover while the heavier rating (LFS) provides a touch more muscle. The increase in reel size to a 2500S results in a larger spool that’s better suited to handling the heavier and larger (6lb) diameter fluorocarbon. The 2500S size reel still has a light drag and is still small enough to minimise line pick-up (i.e. prevents cranking the lure to fast on the on the retrieve). 


Grayson Fong


Rod: TD Hyper 701ULXS

Reel: Certate LT 3000D

Line: 8lb J-Braid Grand

Leader: 4lb J-Thread Leader

The TD Hyper is great for directing casts when fishing weedy flats or bombie laden areas and has plenty of grunt to get fish out of tight locations. The choice of the 3000 size and its larger spool delivers smooth line flow of the reel, especially when making long casts on the flats.


Rod: TD Commander 6102ULFS Backfire

Reel: Luvias LT 2500S

Line: 8lb J-Braid

Lure: 4-6lb J-Thread

A high-level rod that delivers the best feel and function when fish structure is super important. The Commander is the perfect length with its crisp blank enhancing casting accuracy, while its bottom end grunt is great for turning fish from cover. The 2500S Luvias is a flawless reel, smooth and always reliable, and deign to fish all day every day.


Jesse Rotin

Crankbaiting works and can be a great way to search for bream especially in new areas. There are quite a range of crankbaits on the market which have slight differences in swimming action, noise and depth but probably most importantly is they get down to where bream feel most comfortable. There’s something about crashing and banging your crankbait into the rocks and puffing up of sand with your crankbait that drives bream crazy.


When crankbaiting flats and open areas it’s hard to steer past the same setup I use on all my topwater fishing which is the Infeet EX 6101ULRS-ST/Luvias 2000S spooled with 6lb J-Braid Grand Island blue and 3lb or 4lb J-Thread Finesse FC (3m or longer leader). This outfit is super light, smooth and with the Infeet EX’s solid graphite tip provides the sensitivity to feel every little bump from structure to fish.


However, when fishing tight to cover within some gnarly country I often opt for the TD Battler Water Zombie/TD Sol LT 2500, with its medium, fast action allowing me to guide fish away from structure. For this outfit I like to run 8lb J-Braid Grand in Island Blue colour and a 4lb or 5lb leader.


Tom Slater


Rod: Infeet Z 742ULRS (I also use this for lightly weighted baits)

Reel: Shallow spooled 2000 size reel

Line: 3 or 4lb J-Thread Finesse

The 742ULRS is one of the best allrounder crankbait rods I’ve used and a rod that I reach for more than any other.


Rod: Infeet EX 722LRS (I also use this for larger lures such as the Spike 53SP)

Reel: Shallow spooled 2000 size reel

Line: 3 or 4lb J-Thread Finesse

Dale Baxter

Open Flats

Rod: Infeet Z 742ULRS (and small shallow crankbaits)

Reel: Shallow spooled 2000 size reel

Line: 3lb J-Thread Finesse fluorocarbon fished straight through

The 742ULRS is one of the best allrounder crankbait rods I’ve used.

Deep Flats

Rod: Infeet EX 6101 ULRS-ST

Reel: Shallow spooled 2000 size reel

Line: Either a braid/fluro leader setup or fluro fished straight through

This outfit is a little stiffer than my ‘Open Flats’ outfit and I find better for bigger bibbed or deeper running cranks. It has a solid tip too which helps cast the bigger lures further.


Rod Infeet 702LRS

Reel: Shallow spooled 2500 size reel

Line: 8lb J-Braid Grand

Leader: J-Thread FC

This rod will do it all, and can handle the bigger baits like Spikes and deep diving crank baits. It also has plenty of low-down grunt to be able to pull the fish away from structure, whilst the regular taper helps minimise pulled hooks on fish.


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