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Surf Basia 25QD Spin Reels

RRP $499



Daiwa has created the ultimate compact sized surf spin reel with the release of the new Surf Basis 25QD.

Compact, feature packed and designed to handle the harsh elements of surf fishing, the Surf Basia continues Daiwa's dominance in setting the standard for others to follow.

Bulging at the side plates with Daiwa's most advanced technologies, the Surf Basia 25QD is one of the first surf spin reels to feature a 25mm stroke, and features the advanced designs more associated with hi-end light tackle spin reels.

Rugged yet refined, and cleverly designed the new Surf Basia 25QD is the modern surf reel for the modern surf angler. Daiwa's technologically advanced hybrid material, Zaion, is the basis for the Surf Basia's rock solid, indestructible frame. A high density resin and carbon material, Zaion is light, strong and resists corrosion, and far exceeds the strength of traditional reel body materials such as magnesium and alloy in a strength per unit weight comparison.

Zaion transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently than anything else and is highly resistant to corrosion, a must in the highly corrosive surf environment where salt, sand and corrosion are a constant presence.

Housed within the Surf Basia's rock solid Zaion frame and housing is the uber gear of reel gear technology, Digigear II. Delivering unprecedented protection and performance Digigear II involves a high-precision cutting technique that achieves perfect gear meshing and ultra smooth performance. The gears are made from an ultra strong, corrosion resistant alloy that is both lighter and stronger than any gear developed before.

Ultimate gear function and anti-reverse precision is achieved with Infinite Anti-reverse, Daiwa's famous seamless anti-reverse system that eliminates handle backplay and movement for increased reel sensitivity, hook setting power and ultimate line control and reel function.

Smoother, stronger and more precise than ever before, Daiwa's drive train technology delivers surf fishing excellence and refinement in the new Surf Basia 25QD. A quality reel needs quality protection and there's no better protection than Mag Seal protection.

A revolutionary new system, Mag Seal involves scientifically designed magnetized oil that forms an impenetrable seal that reduces dust, water and salt intrusion, and eliminates oil spray associated with traditional non-magnetized seals. Slamming the door shut on reel destroying elements Mag Seal delivers the holy grail for surf anglers, protection and performance like only Mag Seal, Daiwa and the new Surf Basia 25QD can. Light as air and as strong as steel the new Air Rotor delivers on all levels. Lighter, stronger and more balanced than previous rotor systems, Air Rotor features a Zaion made, precision engineered arch that provides exceptional line roller support and disperses pressure to the lower section of the rotor to reduce stressing and flexing.

Sensitivity is one of the strongest attributes of Air Rotor, and Zaion transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently than anything else.

A hollowed out construction reduces the weight of the Air Rotor and increases reel sensitivity and vibration transmission. A lighter rotor allows a lower centre of gravity and a precise centre of axis enables the rotor to spin with perfect balance. Total control is in your hands with Air Bail, Twist Buster II and Cross Wrap taking line control and management to the next level.

Air Ball and Twist Buster II technologies combine to feed line trouble free to the spool, while Cross Wrap takes over and lays line onto the spool in a cross wrap configuration to eliminate line dig-in and increase line pick-up and maximize casting distance, efficiency, and performance.

Daiwa's Quick Drag offers rapid fire drag adjustment, while manual bail arm trip delivers instant bail arm control when needed. A folding 70mm machine cut aluminium handle and large EVA round knob complete the control package and allow you to get a grip in the heat of battle. Lightweight, strong and delivering in-hand comfort and control like only Daiwa can the new Surf Basis 25QD will always have you in control and ready for action.

The Surf Basia's CV of features doesn't end there, with a 4.1:1 retrieve ratio, 9 bearings, 12kg of drag, 430gram weight, and impressive line capacity (PE 3/250m, 4/180m) combining to make it one of the most impressive surf reels available.



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